How to do the Ache for Cake quest in Elder Scrolls Online

Time to bake some cake.

It’s time to celebrate the anniversary in Elder Scrolls Online. Everyone in the game has the opportunity to participate in it, and to start it off, all you need to do is visit the Crown Shop in your main menu, and kick it off with the cake voucher quest. It’s a free item, so everyone has access to it. Once you start it off, you receive a quest to find ingredients for your special cake.

You need to obtain three ingredients for the quest:

  • 1 Banana
  • 3 Flour
  • 2 Honey

The easiest one is picking all of these ingredients from a grocer. Because you can start the Ache for Cake quest in one of the three major towns, the locations of these ingredients slightly vary from each one. You want to look for your grocer in the middle of the marketplace. When you make Ache for Cake your active quest, you receive an active waypoint for the marketplace in your town.

When you approach the marketplace and find the grocer, the ingredients should be available to you in their shop. You can find bananas, honey, and flour, all available for 150. After you obtain all of them, you can return to Chef Donolon at his barge to turn in the ingredients. He should do a small animation that takes a few seconds after you turn them in for him to bake his creation.

Some players may already have these ingredients in their inventory or after having looted them from NPCs from all over the game. It should not matter how you get them.

After Chef Donolon finishes the animation, you need to speak to him again to receive your cake. You will receive a Jubilee Cake for 2020 in your mementos, along with some experience points. Spawn the cake from your mementos page to eat some of the cake and receive three event tickets every day. You can only carry 12 in total.