How to dribble in Rocket League – tips and tricks

Master dribble with these tips.

Image via Psyonix

Effective dribbling in Rocket League can take your game to the next level, as doing so can ensure possession of the ball, and make it much easier to drive to the goal. However, dribbling in Rocket League is not easy to master and takes a considerable amount of time to master. If you’re looking for a dribbling tutorial, we’ve got you covered. Let’s go over what you should know about dribbling in Rocket League and what controls you should understand.

First off, you’ll want to get familiar with the gas. Hitting the gas shouldn’t be too difficult to learn, and in most cases, you’ll use RT (for Xbox) or R2 (for PlayStation) to do so. This tip might not seem like much, but it’s the first step.

Second, you’ll want to work on handling the ball, which can be done in various ways. Methods include going into free play and working the ball on the walls or using training packs. One pack that’s been recommended by YouTubers is a dribbling training challenge that has the following code: 04C1-42C8-6E5D-6F75.

This pack is a practice session in which the ball is set low to the ground, but not on the ground. The goal of this session is simple: move the ball from one end to the other, while keeping it on the hood of your vehicle for the duration. This drill will help you control the ball.

Next, you’ll want to work on catching the ball. To catch the ball, keep your eye on the ball as the underlining circle appears on the ground. Make sure to align the ball with the circle, and keep the vehicle on top of the circle by following the movement of the ball. By the way, the pack above has a drill for catching the ball, so be sure to try that out if you are having trouble.

Once you’ve mastered racing, catching, and holding on to the ball, you should be on your way towards dribbling in Rocket League.