How to drive the different vehicles in the Blackout beta


The Black Ops 4 Blackout beta is live on PlayStation 4, and players are already having a ton of fun with the Call of Duty battle royale mode.

One in-game aspect that players appear to be enjoying so far is the vehicles available to help you travel the largest map in Call of Duty history.

There are four different vehicles available in the Blackout beta at this time: the ATV, the Cargo Truck, the Tactical Raft, and the Light Helicopter. Here’s everything we know so far about each vehicle and how to drive them.


The ATV can hold up to two people and “has off-roading capability with medium speed,” according to Activision. You can give the ATV gas by pressing forward on your left stick, and you steer with your right stick. Hold Square to get in and out of the ATV, and press the right stick in if you want to switch from driver to passenger, or vice versa.

Cargo Truck

The Cargo Truck has one driver, but can carry other passengers in the truck bed. Unlike the ATV, it has “limited off-roading capability and limited speed.” Activision suggests using this truck to store weapons and items for later. It also has the same driving controls as the ATV.

Tactical Raft

The Tactical Raft “fits two comfortably but can pack in quite a few if you don’t mind getting cozy.” As you can probably imagine, this boat is useful for traveling on water. It has the same driving controls as the ATV and Cargo Truck.

Light Helicopter

The Light Helicopter is the fastest vehicle in the game, according to Activision. It can hold four passengers and a pilot.

This aircraft has slightly different controls than the other vehicles, however. Instead of using the left stick to drive, use R2 to ascend and L2 to descend. You can strafe with the left stick and look around with the right.

If you’re the pilot, just make sure not to crash, because you will suffer a fiery death.

This article will be updated if more vehicles are added to the Blackout beta.