How to earn free Resident Evil Village-themed PlayStation avatars and themes

PlayStation is handing out free profile cosmetics to celebrate Resident Evil Village’s launch day.

Image via Capcom

Resident Evil Village is officially out today, and PlayStation is celebrating. That shouldn’t be a huge surprise, as Resident Evil is one of those franchises that, while not exclusive to PlayStation, is heavily associated with the console brand. To that end, PlayStation is handing out rewards to Resident Evil fans. By completing a set of “quests,” PlayStation users can earn themselves a couple of avatars, as well as a PS4 theme.

The quests themselves are extremely simple and don’t even require that users have Resident Evil Village. All you need is a valid PlayStation account. First, head to the Resident Evil Village PlayStation page. There, you should find a section at the top of the page advertising exclusive rewards. Click the button that says “Start Quest” and you’ll be on your way to free Resident Evil Village profile cosmetics.

The first quest will reward users with Resident Evil Village avatars for both the PS4 and PS5. First, the quest asks players a simple question: “When was the first Resident Evil released on PlayStation?” We’ll save you the Google search. Resident Evil released on the PlayStation on March 22, 1996. Put that answer in and then watch the Resident Evil Showcase to earn your reward.

Completing the second quest is somehow even easier and rewards users with an exclusive theme for the PS4. Simply watch the trailer for Resident Evil Village and visit the game’s PlayStation Store page, and you’re all set.