How to earn money in PGA Tour 2K21

Money, money, money…

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Earning money, or Virtual Currency (VC) in this case, is an essential part of PGA Tour 2K21. Coins can be used to acquire new clothing items and clubs to use on the course. You will have to earn your VC if you want to have a plethora of cash in the bank. So, how do you earn money in PGA Tour 2K21? Let’s go over some tips that you should know.

2K Rewards Bonus

First off, you can earn a special reward of free VC just by linking your 2K account to PGA Tour 2K21. If you have an existing 2K account, all you will have to do is just sign in, and you can receive a one-time bonus reward of VC.

Local Play

One easy way to make VC in PGA Tour 2K21 is through local, offline play. Quick rounds in PGA Tour 2K21 will yield you some easy cash. Plus, keep an eye out for any objectives that may appear throughout the event. These objectives, which are called either Hole Challenges (for one specific hole) or Round Challenges (for the entire round), will usually appear on the left-hand side of the screen. These challenges can range from just getting a Par or better on a specific hole to receiving a reward for not invoking the Stroke Limit throughout the round.

Online Play

Online play is another way to acquire VC in PGA Tour 2K21. Players can earn VC in essentially the same manner as offline play, and those objectives that pop up throughout rounds in offline play can also appear when playing against other users.

Additionally, players can also earn VC through Skins games. In Skins, players put up a certain amount of VC as part of a buy-in (cost is 90 VC for traditional Wagers and 1,500 VC for High Rollers), and the player who wins each hole of the round wins a fixed amount of cash. If you’re feeling confident in your golfing ability, perhaps try your hand at Skins.

Career Mode

PGA Tour 2K21 players can also earn coins in Career mode. Much like Local and Online play, users can take home some VC in each round and even through playing and completing objectives. And, playing Career mode, just like with Local and Online play, can help you…

Rank Up Your Level

You do want to keep in mind that ranking up your level in PGA Tour 2K21 will not just yield you customization options. Leveling up can also net you a VC reward, which makes grinding that much more important.