How To Earn Season Points In Halo: Reach


A new version of the Master Chief Collection and Halo: Reach appearing on PC doesn’t just mean beautiful modern graphics and mouse and keyboard support. Seasons have also been added to the game, along with Season Points.

Each Season will feature a new theme, playlists and featured modes, and new unlockable items in the form of cosmetics. When a Season ends, the content will not leave the game; you will still be able to play to unlock anything you haven’t earned from a previous Season if you wish. Anything that you have already unlocked will stay with you in the game.

Season Points are the currency that you need to earn to get your hands on the seasonal items. Season Points are earned by playing the game. As you level up your Global Rank, by completing activities in the game on dedicated servers, you will earn Season Points. The activities mean multiplayer in the matchmaking queue and online Firefight. There will also be challenges that, when completed, will reward Season Points.

XP is awarded at the end of each round of multiplayer or Firefight, and it is based on the length of the match, and your earned medals. This XP will increase your Global Rank, so the better you perform, the faster it will level up. The majority of XP will be earned through medals.

Medals will award XP in two main areas, your performance, and your teamwork. Killstreaks, style kills, and objective medals will all give you performance experience while assists, protecting other players, or contributing to the score in objective games will provide you teamwork XP.

Once you have reached that maximum Global Rank for a season, it will then roll over, allowing you to climb through them to earn even more Season Points. You will be able to spend Season Points on things like armor, armor effects, nameplates, and unique voices in Firefight.