How to enter and complete the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune in Sea of Thieves

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The Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune is one of the six shrines in the Sea of Thieves Season Four update. Navigating it will require a fair bit of navigating, so be ready to put your agility to the test in this shrine. It is certainly one of the more complicated of the Shrines so it might take some time to see it all.

Where is the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune?

The Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune is located at coordinates D14. As with previous shrines, you’ll spot some purple lights in the sky as you get close to it. Sail into the lights, drop anchor, and get ready to swim.

How to enter the shrine

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You will want to approach the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune from the north side as you swim down. You’ll see a collection of bright blue coral around a door with some red seaweed covering it. Swim through the hole in the door and proceed inward.

Once you reach the underwater air pocket, walk along until you see some wooden planks on your right to pick up the first journal of the shrine. After that, head to the water on your left and swim around the pillar. You’ll spot a ladder that you’ll need to climb up.

Open the door

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Cross the wooden bridge at the top of the ladder, where you’ll find a locked door. To open it, turn to the left and walk along the ledge until you find a pulley. Interact with it and it will move a platform within the room. Move it all the way down so you can cross the gap near the locked door. Move along the new path until you reach an anchor. Turn left to find a small treasure trove and a merfolk statue that you can store treasure in until you are ready to head back to your ship.

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Continue around to the left and you’ll spot a lever that you can pull, which will open the door and make it easier to get across if you fall in the platforming parts later on.

In this chamber is also the second journal entry.

Raise and lower the anchor

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Go back to the anchor and raise it. This will rotate the wooden platforms you need to get across to the next part of the shrine.

Once you are across the platforms, you will find a ladder. Climb it to find another treasure trove and another pulley. This pulley will lower the mast of the ship that you can cross in a moment. Head back to the room that had the second journal entry. On the right side is a ladder. Climb it and find yet another pulley system. Pull it and it will move the first platform you raised upward.

From here, there is some tricky platforming as you cross a beam, onto a platform, and then onto the mast you just lowered. Cross it and head into the room on the far side. There will be some skeletons to fight and the third journal entry lying on the left side of the path as you head upward.

Just past the third journal entry, you will spot another anchor. This time, you will want to lower the anchor and then jump onto the platform beside it before it moves away. Ride this moving platform until you see another platform approach. Jump onto it and ride this second moving platform until it stops.

Walk across the beam to some treasure on south side of the room. Cross another wooden beam to the platform with another ladder.

The middle floor

As soon as you get to the top of the ladder, get ready to fight some baddies. Once they are no more, walk clockwise around the room until you see a pile of shipwreck on your left. You’ll find the fourth journal entry here.

Once you have the journal, head back to the stone platforms and climb up to the final floor of the shrine.

The last floor

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The top floor of the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune is primarily a large mast that dominates your view. Manipulating it will be what gets you through to the end of the shrine. There will be some baddies that spawn as soon as you enter the room. Once they are finished, continue climbing up the path on the south side of the chamber until you find a ship wheel. Turning it will rotate that big mast we saw before and will move the platforms around the room.

Rotate the wheel until the platform comes close enough to allow you to cross the gap on your right. Follow the curved path until you find another ship’s wheel, this one directly above the previous one. Spin this wheel until the beam will allow you to cross to the other side of the room. From there, climb the ladder to the next part of the room. You will immediately see another ship’s wheel.

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Spin this wheel until the platform is directly in front of you and you can cross the gap to the next platform. There is yet another wheel. Rotate it until the beam on the mast is stretched from the top of the nearby path to the platform across the room. Turn right and you’ll see the hull of a ship. Climb up it and you’ll see the journal lying on the wooden planks.

Backtrack slightly and you’ll spot the final treasure trove for this shrine. Load up as much of it into the merfolk statue as you can and head back to your ship, having a full haul and a new commendation to show for your trouble.