How to equip skills in Marvel’s Avengers

Expand your skillset.

Marvel's Avengers

All of your heroes in Marvel’s Avengers can unlock a range of skills and abilities that they can use in combat. The good news is that equipping these skills is extremely easy. You can eventually build up a variety of skills and combat options that will allow you to string together combos, and take on all kinds of enemies in the game.

To equip skills, open the character menu by hitting the Menu button on your Xbox One controller, or the touchpad on PlayStation 4 controller. Go tot he skills menu and you will be able to see a full of your hero’s skill trees.

The skill trees are broken into four different categories for Light Attack, Heavy Attack, Ranged Attack, and Intrinsic Abilities. You will need to spend skill points to unlock them, and when you do they will become part of your arsenal. All your skills require different inputs and circumstances to use them, so make sure you read the skill description fully before opting for it.

How to earn skill points

Skill points in Marvel’s Avengers are earned by leveling up your character. This is done by earning experience and increasing your Hero Level. You can earn experience from finishing missions and quests, but most of it will come from taking out enemies in the game. It is worth exploring levels to find extra groups of enemies to fight rather than just making a beeline to each waypoint, no matter how much Jarvis is nattering at you.