How to equip weapon skins in The Ascent

Become a sleek and stylish killing machine.

Image via Neon Giant

Got some stylish new weapon skins you want to add to your kit in The Ascent? Sadly, you can’t just swap them out on the fly in the middle of a mission as soon as you pick them up, but they’re easy enough to equip anyway. Here’s how to equip weapon skins in The Scent.

1. Visit The Grafter

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Grafter is a vendor in Cluster 13, who works in a building labeled “GRAFTING.” You can find him on the lower level, next to the elevator closest to The White Dragon Noodle Bar and the Morgue. You’ll need to visit The Grafter and The Morgue for two early side-quests, so it’s good to take care of this as soon as possible. The Grafter is responsible for re-specializing your skills, selling augments, and making cosmetic changes like this one.

2. Go in for surgery

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve said hello to the grafter, select “go in for surgery,” which will open a menu with options to change all of your appearance options, including tattoos, hairstyles, your weapon skin.

3. Select style -> Weapon Skin

Surgery menu
Screenshot by Gamepur

Finally, select “Style” in the far right, and then “Weapon Skin” in the bottom left. A dropdown menu will appear, showing all of the weapon skins you have available. From here, you can select whatever skin your heart desires.