How to evolve Floette into Florges in Pokémon Go

You’ll need to go through a few extra steps.

Image via Niantic

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Flabébé and the rest of the family, Floette and Florges, are coming to Pokémon Go during the Valentine’s Day 2022 event. You’ll have an increased chance to find Flabébé in the wild as you explore your local neighborhood and use incense to find more. Once you’ve caught enough, you can evolve your Flabébé into Floette, and then eventually, you can evolve it into a Florges. However, there are a few more steps for the final evolution. In this guide, we cover how to evolve Floette into Florges in Pokémon Go.

You’ll need to go a bit more of your way to evolve Floette into Florges. You need to make Floette your buddy Pokémon and begin to increase its friendship. You’ll be able to do this by interacting with it for several days by walking it, feeding it berries, battling with it, playing with it, and increasing your overall friendship with Floette.

Once your Floette hits 20 hearts, you can evolve it into Florges. Not only will you need the 20 hearts, but you’ll also need 100 Flabébé candy, which you can acquire by finding and catching more Flabébé.

All of the Pokémon in the Flabébé family are Fairy-types, so if you’re looking to take on Dragon-type Pokémon, you’ll want to make sure you have Florges added to your collection.