How to Farm Money in Pokémon Sword and Shield


Fighting trainer battles can be a pain to grind through, but earning money in-game is worth the trouble. You never know when you will need extra cash to buy medicine, curry ingredients, or a new wardrobe. We’ve gathered a few tips on farming money in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Amulet Coin Location

Amulet Coin location

To save yourself from buying a Luck Incense from Hulbury Incense Merchant, look out for the Amulet Coin, located at the Motostoke Outskirts. After you get out of Galar Mine No. 2, you will see an item behind the Motostoke Outskirts sign. Pick it up, and the Amulet Coin is yours. This is an easy tactic for earning more money throughout the course of the game.

Nuggets and Pearls Galore

Pokemon items

Throughout your Pokémon journey, you will encounter sparkling items on the ground or water. Some are hidden items that might be usable in battle, such as a Wide Lens. There are even items like Nuggets and Pearls, which can be sold for money. Look for these to be hidden in vast locations like the Wild Area and routes throughout the region.

Just Keep Digging

Digging Duo

Another interesting way to farm some money is to hire the Digging Duo near the Wild Area’s Day Care Center. For 500 Watts, they will dig up treasures, including some that can be sold. Possible items include Stardust, Rare Bones, and Comet Shards.

Fight Your Way Through

Max Raid

To increase your chances of gaining items to sell, go for Max Raid Battles. Whenever the Pokémon is at least three stars, there is a better chance of earning rewards after the battle. You can earn items like Big Nuggets, Rare Bones, and more.