How to farm Runaway Mould in No Man’s Sky

Set up a farm to generate some serious Nanites.


Screenshot by Gamepur

There are a few resources in No Man’s Sky that can be refined into Nanites, the currency that you’ll use at most stores to purchase the items you need for your ongoing journey. However, they’re often rare, and even when you find them, they don’t appear in quantities large enough to allow you to add a chunk of Nanites to your wallet. This guide explains how to farm Runaway Mould so that you can set up your own Nanite production center. 

Step 1: Find a planet with Curious Deposits

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first thing you need to do is locate a planet with Curious Deposits. These spheres spawn in clusters on most worlds, so look around until you find one. When you do, set up a base and a short-range teleporter, then fly off and find another cluster of Curious Deposits that’s at least 600 U away from the first one. When you’ve found it, set up another base and place a second short-range teleporter.

Step 2: Mine the Curious Deposits, refine them, and repeat

Screenshot by Gamepur

With your two bases set up, you can now mine all of the Curious Deposits at one, teleport to the other, wait for the Curious Deposits to load in, then mine those too. You can then repeat this process, teleporting between your bases after mining all of the Curious Deposits as much as you like. Next, you’ll need to set up a few refiners at each base so that you can dump all of the Runaway Mould that you gather and start processing it into Nanites. Keep this up, and you’ll be swimming in Nanites before too long.