How to farm Soul Cinders in WoW Shadowlands

Off to the Maw.

Image via Blizzard

Soul Cinders are currency that was introduced to World of Warcraft with the 9.1 Patch. The resource is used to upgrade Legendaries to two new ranks, in conjunction with Soul Ash.

To get Soul Cinders, the primary source will be Torghast, and is spread across different layers that just happen to be the most dangerous ones. Soul Cinders can also be earned in The Tormentors of Torghast weekly event, and Covenant Assaults.

Below, you will find the different amounts of Soul Cinders that you can earn from each activity:

  • Torghast Layer 9 rewards 60 Soul Cinders
  • Torghast Layer 10 rewards 110 Soul Cinders
  • Torghast Layer 11 rewards 150 Soul Cinders
  • Torghast Layer 12 rewards 180 Soul Cinders
  • The Tormentors of Torghast rewards 50 Soul Cinders
  • Covenant Assaults reward 100 Soul Cinders

The only way to get Soul Cinders is through these activities, but you will be hard limited to how many you can earn each week.

How much does it cost to upgrade Legendaries

The most important thing to know is how many Soul Cinders you actually need, and that will depend on the level of the gear you are upgrading. For rank 1 to 4, you only need Soul Ash to upgrade Legendaries, and you need Soul Cinders for rank 5 and 6.

  • Rank 5 – 5,150 Soul Ash and 400 Soul Cinders
  • Rank 6 – 5,150 Soul ash and 1650 Soul Cinders