How To Fast Travel In Death Stranding

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Being able to instantly teleport would be a great ability for a delivery man, so lucky for Sam Porter Bridges, that this is something he can do in Death Stranding. You won’t be able to do this straight away, and the explanation of how and when it happens is a bit spoilery. If you are looking to avoid things like that, it is best to just stop reading here.

How To Fast Travel In Death Stranding

Not all porters in the game are the same, and some of the NPCs have special tricks that you don’t know about at first. Fragile, for example, can instantly teleport. To do this, she uses her umbrella. Fragile will leave her umbrella in your Private Room after Episode 3, which is when she explains her strange ability to you. This will then allow you to fast travel to any distribution center that you have already visited, or a constructed safe house. All you need to do is interact with the umbrella to bring up the Fast Travel menu.

Now, because being able to Fast Travel could be game-breaking in a title that is all about delivery cargo across a treacherous world, you won’t be able to Fast Travel with items or vehicles. Be careful, because if you Fast Travel with cargo on you, then you will arrive without it. Rather than being sent with you, the items are stored in a private locker at that distribution center or safehouse, and will then need to be picked up from the delivery terminal.

Because it doesn’t unlock until later in the game, it gives players plenty of opportunities to learn the map, build structures, and engage with the game’s core mechanics. It also gives you a chance to experience the feeling of loneliness in the world, which is an important theme of the game. Even when it is introduced, it is only really useful in between deliveries, and it just helps you cut down on the amount of downtime you might spend wandering from place to place. Deliveries will always need to be completed either on foot or with a vehicle.