How to Find 3 Aspects of Ford in Psychonauts 2

The return of an old, crazy friend.

Psychonauts 2 Half-a-Minds in Hollis Classroom

Image via Double Fine Productions

The return of Agent Ford Cruller in Psychonauts 2 is a welcome addition to the game. When you exit his mind, he’ll have scattered throughout the Motherlobe, and you’ll have to find the three fragments of his mind. He mentioned three things he needed to do: sort the mail, clean his shoes, and cutting his hair. This guide details where to find the three aspects of Ford in Motherlobe.

Barber Ford Fragment

The Barber Ford Fragment will be inside the Hair Salon. You can find the entrance to it on the southwest portion of the map inside Motherlobe. While you won’t be able to get inside the shop, you can confirm his location.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bowling Ford Fragment

The Bowling Ford Fragment is right next to the barber Ford. All you have to do is turn to your left, and you’ll find the bowling alley entrance. Proceed down the hallway to confirm that Ford fragment’s location.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mail Clerk Ford Fragment

The final ford will be inside the mailroom. You can find that on the east side of the lobby, precisely where Razputin had his internship. Proceed inside of the mailroom, and Ford will be inside of the mailroom office.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you confirm Ford’s location, you choose to report back to Truman or continue with another mission.