How to find Clay in Stranded Deep

Grab it when you find it.

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When beginning to attempt your survival journey in Stranded Deep, you will scour many islands looking for the items you need to craft and build things. That being said, a lot of your time also needs to be dedicated to finding items in the ocean. To make items in a Furnace, you will need Clay, which only appears in a particular location. Here is how to find Clay in Stranded Deep.

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Where to find Clay in Stranded Deep

Clay in Stranded Deep is only found underwater and can only be mined with a Refined Pick. Luckily, it always appears near every island on the eastern side. If you have your compass, you can use it to point you in the right direction, or you can just swim around the island until you find a big brown rock called a Clay Deposit. It shouldn’t be too far away from the shore, but you will definitely have to go underwater fully. Also, look around shipwrecks. Be aware of your surroundings for any nearby sharks, and watch your air meter.

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When you begin hitting the Clay Deposit with your Refined Pick, it will slowly break apart for you to grab the pieces of Clay. Be sure you pick up each one because these do not respawn. After you have exhausted one location of all its Clay, you will need to travel to a new island to find more. Also, beware of undergrowth areas because the Clay can fall under things and become impossible to pick up, so always grab them as soon as you can.

After you have gathered up some Clay, you can use it to create a Furnace which you can then begin crafting other items like Brick Scraps and more. You can also create a bigger Water Bottle to carry more water with you on your journey or to feed plants.