Where to Find Motor Gliders in PUBG

Find Gliders PUBG

Motor gliders have come to PUBG. These airborne vehicles allow players to quickly traverse the maps and fly across the skies, making it an ideal option to have if you need to run away from nearby enemies or need to outrun the blue circle. You can find ten of them at any given time on the maps.

However, these vehicles only show up on two of the maps: Erangel and Miramar. These are the largest maps in the game, so it makes sense to have these speedy and airborne vehicles on here and not on the small ones. They’re handy for a pair of players, but any more than two people wanting to use it will have a rough time. There are only two seats, one for the pilot and another for the passenger who can fire a weapon. They spawn without any gas, too, so even if you find one first, you need to fill it up with fuel.

While the developers were testing the vehicle, they had them show up across ten set spawns across these two maps for 100 percent of the time. Now that they made it to the live game, things have changed. Instead of 10 locations, there are currently 40, but 10 motor gliders still spawn on the map. If you have an idea of where it’s going to spawn, you have a 25 percent chance of it being at that location. It’s a decent shot, and it can fill you full of hope, but you may not want to hedge your bets on it if you’re running away from a lot of bullets.

Despite the developers making it a bit more complicated, data miner PlayerIGN has been hard at work going through the files and locating what they could. PlayerIGN shared these locations in a tweet breaking down all 40 potential spawns a motor glider can spawn at.

You can have these maps up while you and your friends and running across these iconic locations. The locations are on the outside of the map, meaning if you want to get to them, you need to plan your drops accordingly and then hope you can find fuel along the way. If you don’t, your bird won’t make it too far off the ground, and you can find yourself running from the blue circle rather than soaring the skies. It’s a formidable risk with plenty of rewards.

Hopefully, you and your friend plan accordingly to visit these locations. The spawns may change if the developers receive a certain amount of feedback from players.