How to find the clue in the beef steak in Episode 1, The Adventure of the Great Departure – The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

That’s an odd side to have with steak.

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As you play through The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, you will need to keep your eye out for the minor details. Finding clues through a witness’ testimony or evidence presented in a trial can spell the difference between getting the guilty or not guilty verdict.

In Episode 1, The Adventure of the Great Departure in The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures, you will be playing protagonist Ryunosuke as he defends himself in a murder trial. At some point, the discussion becomes largely about a blood splatter that, for some reason, is not on a beefsteak plate. Here is how to find the hidden clue here.

Finding the hidden clue in the beef steak will require you to use the examination technique you utilized earlier on the Medical Report Card and Waiter’s Business Card in the episode. The judge will ask you to point to the area on the plate that doesn’t seem right to you, but at first, all you can present is the beef steak and the bull symbol.

Instead, interact with the beef steak instead of presenting it, and you will pick up one of the ends. Underneath it will be a coin that you will present to the courtroom, and the story can continue.

Screenshot by Gamepur