How to find the colossal archive buildings in No Man’s Sky, and what they do

A massive structure has arrived throughout the stars systems.

Image via Hello Games

There’s a specific structure in New Man’s Sky called the archive, and it’s considered a colossal building that you can find in the galaxy. There’s plenty of mystery surrounding these large buildings as they were introduced in the Origins 3.0 update. Inside, they supposedly contain new cultural and literary histories surrounding the civilizations they were constructed for. How do you find these structures, and what purpose do they serve when you find them?

To go about finding them, you need to use Planetary Charts. These help narrow down where you need to go, and you need to search for Inhabited Outposts. You can obtain a Planetary Chart from the Cartographer on a space station.

Follow the instructions of the map to take you to the location. Once you’re there, you should find an outpost with a large structure alongside it, the archive. Inside the archive, players have posted that they’ve discovered lore regarding the civilization the structure was built for (Gek, Korvax, or Vy’keen). You can also exchange artifacts and find blueprint terminals.

Some players have encountered randomly by purely exploring, which is always a fun treat. But make sure to grab a Planetary Chart from the Cartographer for Inhabited Outposts to make searching for these significantly easier.