How to find the Golfer NPC in Terraria

The Golfer NPC has arrived to Terraria.


Image via Re-Logic

For those interested in golfing in Terraria, you won’t be able to do it immediately. It’s a skill that released in Update 1.4, commonly referred to as the Journey’s End. The new golfing mechanic allows players to create a game of golf, and craft a course to try competing with friends to receive the lowest score.

To receive the golfing equipment in-game, you need to locate the Golfer NPC. He’s hidden the game and not immediately apparent for players. The only hints the developers provide to his location is he went to the desert to test some things out.

For those actively searching for the golfer, you can find him in the desert biome in the underground locations. You need to dig down while in this biome to attempt to discover him. It may take you quite a bit of time, depending on where he spawns for you. The consistent spot is he shows in the desert, so if you find this biome in your Terraria game, start digging down and try to find him.

Because of the stronger than average enemies in this biome, you may want to go there after you have crafted some decent armor and have stronger weapons. These will ensure you survive any enemy encounters when looking for the Golfer NPC.

Once you have the Golfer NPC you can gain access to a variety of different golf items and start to play the game of golf in Terraria. The items vary in value, but you can acquire many of them through the Golfer NPC. To unlock more items, you need to level up your golfing level, which you can do by playing a game of golf.