How to fix the “can’t speak to community leader” bug in The Division 2

They seem to be a little shy.

The Division 2

We all thought the real threat to New York in The Division 2 would be the virus, but it’s actually the bugs. The Warlords of New York expansion has launched, and people are already running into some very annoying bugs in the game. One such bug is when you need to talk to the community leader at the Animal Shelter Safe House and are not able to. You can hold the prompted button, but nothing will happen.

Ubisoft is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. They also have some steps you can take to see if it will resolve the issue. At the moment, Ubisoft is advising that you restart the game, then fast travel to and from the Safe House to see if it will resolve the issue. Apparently, the issue is caused by a problem in a particular server instance, not all servers.

Spoiler alert, this hasn’t worked for us at all, and it would seem we will just have to wait for Ubisoft to deploy a fix. You can keep an eye on what they have planned in the maintenance thread.

The servers will shut down for unscheduled maintenance on Tuesday, Mar. 3 at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST to deploy several fixes, and the servers will be down for around three hours.

At the moment, Ubisoft hopes that the maintenance will fully resolve the below issues:

  • Fixing an issue that prevents the objective “Reach City Hall” of the WONY introduction mission from updating and teleporting players to a different location.
  • Fixing an issue that causes players who quit the helicopter cinematic to get placed into and stuck in Trinity Church.
  • Fixing an issue that prevents players from interacting with Community Leader NPCs.
  • Further backend improvements to prevent ECHO errors to occur for players.