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How to fix the elevator in Fobia: St Dinfna Hotel

This is the floor the blood gets out on.

Once you emerge on the sixth floor corridor in Fobia: St Dinfa Hotel, you’ll see the elevator. This device has the power to make traversal between floors much easier and safer, but it’s broken. This guide explains how to fix the elevator so you can access new areas in the hotel and generally move around without something scary lurking around each corner to attack you.

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Step 1: How to get the WC key

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After you leave your hotel room and make your way out onto the sixth floor, you’ll soon discover that your progress is blocked by furniture. To progress, you need to unlock a security door on the sixth floor with a red keycard. Finding the code and keycard is easy. The code is on a letter next to the door, and the keycard can be found in a box in a different WC. Once you’re through though, you’ll find that there’s no other way to progress than a creepy staircase that leads downstairs.

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Using this staircase, you can get down to a small section of the fourth floor and find a locker. Inside the locker is a box, the code for which is 164 871. The WC key is inside this box, so you can now walk back up the stairs and head to the WC. As you do, you’ll notice that something has placed small pink bunnies at key points along your path, which should unsettle you about as much as it unsettled us.

Step 2: Where to find the electronic circuit

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You should now be able to move through the WC and out of the hole in the wall behind the door to the rest of the sixth floor. There’s an elevator door here, but it’s broken. Head downstairs to the fifth floor, and you’ll see another broken elevator door. The first door to the left of the elevator is open, so go inside. This room will shift as you enter, and items will disappear. Use your camera to find the handprint and the box with a handprint on it.

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You’ll find the electronic circuit inside this box as well as the key to room 603. However, this isn’t enough to fix the elevator just yet.

Step 3: Where to find the allen key

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With that new key in hand, get to the door to room 603 and head inside. There’s a tape recorder that’s quite useful on the bed, but the item you want is in the toolbox on the writing desk. If you’ve been exploring thoroughly, you’ll have a note that tells you the code for all the game’s toolboxes. If not, the code, for future reference, is 30 right, 10 left, and 5 right. This will open the toolbox, allowing you to pick up the Allen key.

Step 4: How to solve the elevator electronics puzzle

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Finally, go back to the elevator door, the one with the controls that aren’t hanging off the wall. Then, interact with those controls, and you should see a cutscene where the Allen key is used to remove the cover. Now, you should be able to use the electronic circuit, which will trigger a new puzzle. To solve it, you must rotate each piece of the electronic circuit until all the lines are aligned, and power can safely move through it. This is the easiest part of the game so far.

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Once you’re inside the elevator, you need to pick up the seventh-floor button from the panel on the floor. Then, you can use the button on the top-left hole in the panel on the elevator wall to travel up to a new part of the hotel.

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