What is the code for the box in the locker in Fobia: St. Dinfna Hotel?

Letters to numbers.


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While exploring the dark world of Fobia: St. Dinfna Hotel you’ll face puzzle after puzzle. This is a brutal survival horror game that pushes you to your limits, scaring you at every turn just to make sure you’re on edge. Some of the easiest puzzles are simple codes, but even they can be challenging if you don’t pay attention. This guide explains what the code for the box in the locker is so you can get on with the true ordeal of fixing the elevator.

What is the locker box code?

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The code for the box in the locker is easy to work out once you’ve left your hotel room and noticed the clues around the building. For those who just want the code and don’t need to understand the puzzle, the code is 164 on the left-hand lock and 871 on the right-hand lock. Inside you’ll find a flashlight, some bullets, and a key, which makes your life much better while exploring the rest of the hotel. To learn how to discover the code, read below.

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How to get the code for the box in the locker

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When you emerge in the corridor of the sixth floor, you’ll see some writing on the wall at the top of the stairs that say “7 = G.” Then, when you find the locker at the bottom of the back staircase, you’ll see a note to the left of it. When you read it, you’ll see that there’s a code made up of six letters that correspond to the box in the locker. The note also tells you that “8 = H.” With this knowledge, it’s easy to work out that the letters of the alphabet correlate to the number of their position in it, with A being 1 and Z being 26. Check the code, which is comprised of two sets of three letters, and work out the code for yourself.