How to fix the NBA 2K22 crashing problem

It’s an odd one.

Image via Take-Two

With the launch of NBA 2K22, the community has been getting used to one of the traditions of the series, launch bugs. Some of them, such as this crashing issue, are specific to individual platforms. Players on the Xbox Series X and S have been dealing with a frustrating bug that causes the game to crash on startup. The good news is that a temporary fix has been discovered while the community waits for a proper solution from the developer.

The issue itself is extremely strange, and Youtuber Nvad appears to have worked out why the game creeps crashing on Microsoft’s platform. The issue seems to occur within the menus, but there is a way to bypass it. According to Nvad, if you just keep hitting the upward button on the D-Pad, you can bypass the menu screen that is causing all the problems, and stop the game from crashing.

It’s a very unusual problem, and even stranger fix in the grand scheme of things. Exactly what the problem is we cannot say, but it is widespread on the platform, so we imagine the development team is working hard on a fix for it already. Until then, this method should allow you to play the game while you wait for a hotfix or patch to be deployed.