How to get a Furfrou Kabuki trim in Pokémon Go

Where can you find it?

Image via Niantic

Furfrou is coming to Pokémon Go during Fashion Week 2021. This event will be running from September 21 to 28, and there are several other fashionable Pokémon you can potentially capture during the event. Furfrou is an interesting Pokémon because it’s releasing with several unique forms, and they’re going to be available simultaneously. However, there will be a catch to finding these forms and unlocking them in Pokémon Go. Here’s what you need to do to unlock the Furfrou Kabuki trim in Pokémon Go.

For Furfrou’s Kabuki trim, you’re only going to be able to find it by being in Japan. If you are not in Japan, and you have a Furfrou, it’s going to be impossible for you to change your Furfrou into this form. Each of the many Furfrou trims are region-exclusive, so this is the case for nearly every transformation for this Pokémon.

When you’re ready to change your Furfrou into its Kabuki form, you’ll need to capture a standard Furfrou from the wild. Once you have it, click on it in your Pokémon collection, and underneath the ‘power up’ option, you’re going to see the form-change option. Select this option, and if you’re in Japan, you should see Furfrou’s Kabuki trim as an available option. Whenever you want to use the form-change mechanic, it will cost 25 Furfrou candies and 10,000 Stardust every time you do it.

You’ll need to do this whenever you want to transform Furfrou into its different appearance options. None of these choices offer a different typing or stat boost for Furfrou; they’re purely aesthetic.