How to get a Jackpot in Sonic Origins – Lucky Hedgehog achievement/trophy guide

Win big.

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Sonic Origins brings back four classic Sonic the Hedgehog titles all in an updated package alongside some new features, such as animated cutscenes and Missions Mode. While there are a few new features, including trophies and achievements, these are overall the same games you played in the 90s with the same level layouts.

In Sonic the Hedgehog 2’s Casino Night Zone, you can hit some slots and earn an influx of rings. If you hit a Jackpot, you will be rewarded the Lucky Hedgehog achievement or trophy. Here is how to get it.

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How to get the Lucky Hedgehog achievement or trophy in Sonic Origins

While there are multiple slot machines you can jump into through Casino Night Zone, our favorite is the first one you come across near the beginning of the second level. You can jump on the nearby pinball bumper close to the wall and launch yourself into it for multiple runs.

When you jump into the slot, make sure to hold down the jump button. While we cannot confirm this, there are rumors that this will increase your chance at getting a better payout. You need to keep jumping into the slot until you get three Jackpot symbols to appear. When you do, you will gain over a hundred rings.

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Even after you earn the achievement/trophy, you can continue to jump into the slot machine. This can be a good way to grind out some Coins for collecting Chaos Emeralds in special stages. Just be wary of potential Eggman symbols that will take rings away from you.