How to get a massive incense discount in Pokémon GO amid the coronavirus outbreak

Niantic is handling the outbreak right.

Pokemon GO Incense

Amid the spread and dangers of the coronavirus, Niantic has stepped forward and encouraged players to play Pokémon GO inside, but for a game that uses your location to travel around and get Pokémon, playing in a single location can be difficult without the correct items.

That is why for a limited amount of time, you can purchase incense at a higher than 99% discount. Here’s how.

Open up the shop

In the ‘limited time only’ section of the store, you will see one more box than the usual four labeled ‘Winter Box.’ Click on the blue box to view the deal.

Limited Time Boxes
Screengrab via Niantic

The ‘Winter Box’

The winter box deal offers you 30 incense for the low price of one currency. Keep in mind one full day of guarding a gym gets you 50 currency. This is the best deal the game has ever had.

Winter Box
Screengrab via Niantic

This seems to be a one-time offer, even though the box remains in the store after purchase. If you try to purchase it again, you will get an error message.

Repurchase Error
Screengrab via Niantic

The incense items spawns Pokémon next to the player even if they aren’t moving, making them ideal for a player who is staying home. They do take up bag space still, though, so you may need to delete some of the items you have if you don’t have 30 free spaces in your inventory.

Time Bonus

Regardless of when purchased, for the duration of this deal, all incense will also last twice as long. As incense burns typically for 30 minutes, the item will now be active for a full hour.

During this time, incubators will also be twice as effective.