How to get a Rabbit’s Foot in New World

How lucky are you to find a Rabbit’s Foot?

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If you’re interested in creating a Minor Loot Luck Trophy to place in your house in New World, you’re going to need to acquire a Rabbit’s Foot. It’s a rare item that you can only find through a specific method, and you might have some trouble obtaining it. However, the Rabbit’s Foot is also a rare drop, so it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to find it. However, in this guide, we’re going to provide the best tips to help you increase your chances of getting a Rabbit’s Foot in New World.

While some items are obtainable through the supply chests you find in the world, or they drop off of elite enemies, the Rabbit’s Foot can potentially drop off any of the Hares you see hopping around the game. Of course, there are rabbits all over the game, but if you’re trying to farm them for a Rabbit’s Foot, we highly recommend searching for them outside of Everfall and First Light. Those are the two best places to find Hares in New World.

When you’re searching the rabbit, the chance for a Rabbit’s Foot to drop is relatively low. You can increase your chances of obtaining one by increasing your Skinner’s Luck. You can apply this luck bonus to your Skinning Knife, armor, or an amulet you’re wearing. We also encourage you to increase your Tracking and Skinning trade skill and use higher quality items to have the best chances whenever skinning a rabbit for a Rabbit’s Foot to drop.