Pokemon Go: How to Get a Super Rocket Radar for October 2023

The Super Rocket Radar is a precious item in Pokemon Go, and this guide shows you where you can get it next to challenge Giovanni.

Image via Niantic

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The Super Rocket Radar is not an ordinary item in Pokemon Go. It’s one you can only acquire for completing a Team Rocket Takeover event Special Research, which appears at specific times in the mobile game. Once you have the Special Research, there is no time limit to complete it, thankfully.

These unique quests only appear every so often, so it’s common to find yourself without a Super Rocket Radar and have to wait until it appears again. We have received new reports surrounding Giovanni and when he’s going to make his next appearance in the mobile game. Here’s what you need to know about where you can find a Super Rocket Radar in Pokemon Go during October 2023.

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Where to Find A Super Rocket Radar in October 2023 for Pokemon Go

Image via Niantic

The only way you can receive a Super Rocket Radar is by working your way through the Team Rocket Takeover events, and the Special Research that comes with them in Pokemon Go. For October 2023, it has been confirmed that Giovanni will make an appearance during the final event of the month, the Team Rocket Takeover event that is happening during the Halloween Part 2 event, from October 26, 2023, to October 31, 2023.

The Super Rocket Radar is the only way to find Giovanni. Similar to previous Team Rocket Special Research tickets in Pokemon Go, the Super Rocket Radar should appear in the fourth step and lead to the fifth step, where players challenge Giovanni to a Pokemon Go. For October 2023, we don’t know what Legendary Pokemon Giovanni will have with him, but we’re hoping to see a unique Halloween-themed appearance.

The Special Research will be available until the end of Pokemon Go’s Adventures Abound season, which will conclude on December 1, 2023. All players need to log into the game once, without a Team Rocket Takeover Special Research ticket on their account, to get the latest one. If you do not log in during the Halloween Part 2 Team Rocket Takeover event, or if you already have a Team Rocket-themed Special Research on your account, you won’t be able to add this one to your quest list.

After you have the Special Research, work your way through the steps to unlock the Super Rocket Radar. I recommend doing it during the Team Rocket Takeover event, but it is possible to find it outside of the event and earn all the rewards on your account in Pokemon Go.