How to get a Unicorn in Adopt Me – Roblox

It’s not easy.

Adopt Me

Adopt Me is a family-friendly Roblox game that allows you to adopt and raise pets, dress them up, decorate your own house, and play with your friends. Among the many different types of pets that you can get, the Unicorn is one of the most sought after, so in this guide, we will show you how to get one. 


Unicorns can hatch from the follow eggs, although the chance of getting one is pretty low.

  • Cracked Egg – 1.5 percent chance – costs $350
  • Pet Egg – 3 percent chance – costs $600
  • Royal Eggs – 8 percent chance – costs $1450

While $1450 might seem like a lot, it is worth trying to get the Royal Eggs for that increased chance of getting the Unicorn.

Daily Log In Rewards

You can get a Golden Unicorn from Golden Eggs that are earned as daily login rewards. Logging in daily will earn you Star Rewards that you can eventually use to get a Golden Egg, and potentially, a Golden Unicorn.

Streamer Giveaways

It’s a very low chance, but Youtubers and Streamers can often do bet giveaways, so find some Adopt Me content creators and keep an eye on their channels to see if they are every giving one away.


You can trade with other players, but you should only ever do this in the in-game trade chat, as the developers warn that no other trading system is officially supported by the game. Make sure you do not use any outside trading system, and only ever trade for in-game items, not real money.