How to get all endings in The Mortuary Assistant

So, who’s ready for night shift?

Image via Steam

The Mortuary Assistant is pure nightmare fuel of a game, able to surprise and scare even horror game veterans. Equal parts mystery, puzzle, and three bucket-loads of terror, this game also features a few different endings that you can experience, depending on some of your actions and choices. Six different endings, to be more precise. Some of these endings are easier to obtain than others, but by following our guide, you can greatly improve your chances of getting all endings in The Mortuary Assistant. Just try to remain calm and don’t panic — and pay no heed to the creepy shadow in the corner.

The Standard ending

Image via Steam

This ending is fairly simple to get by just playing the game normally. It is also the most common one for this reason. To get it, all you have to do is use the correct sigils at the correct times, and then burn the right body. After you’ve done all this, you’ll have to complete a subsequent shift, and you will get this ending and some unique dialogue with Raymond at the end.

The Correct Body ending

Getting this ending is almost the same as the Standard ending. You will play through the same way, but with one slight change. Instead of doing another shift afterward, you just finish the game normally. This ending will give you a different dialogue with Raymond, in which he offers you a job.

The Incorrect Body ending

This is the first of the ‘bad endings’ on our list. To get this ending, you will have to first be successful with the initial two bodies, but then make a mistake on purpose by burning the incorrect body, putting a wrong sigil on the mark, or forgetting to add a reagent. This will lead to the demon killing and possessing you to then go on to kill Raymond.

The Closure ending

This ending can be slotted into the ‘happy ending’ category. To get it, first, make sure to grab all of the sobriety coins from Rebecca’s place and from the cabinets (the ones where the ID cards are located). Next, when the image of Rebecca hung from the noose is presented, use the coins and place them into her hand. After doing this, complete the game as normal and burn the correct body. This ending will also give you a heartwarming ending cutscene with Rebecca’s deceased dad. 

The Basement ending

This ending is among the most interesting ones, but also a bit more complex to perform. To get it, you will need to get to the basement from the outside. For this, you will need a key, which is found in the bottom cabinet of the embalming room. For that, you will have to wait for the hallucination involving standing corpses — you’ll know it when you see it. Check their heads, as they will show you the numbers that are in fact parts of the access code to get the key. Once you’ve obtained the key, open the basement door and then finish the game as normal. That means to do the standard ending and correctly burn the body and apply the sigils. This will lead to a secret ending involving Raymond.

The Game Over ending

This ‘bad ending’ is more of a cop-out than anything more involved than that. But it still technically counts as an ending, so we’re including it on our list in case you want to complete every single available ending. Getting it doesn’t involve any convoluted strategies — all you have to do is either prematurely burn a body, or wait too long to pick a body to burn, allowing the demon enough time to possess you. Both of these courses will lead to the game abruptly ending and sending you back to the main menu.