How to get and trade Gold Cards in Pet Master

Get your hands on coveted Gold cards.

Image via Moon Active

Collecting cards and completing card sets is a great way of unlocking rewards in Pet Master. However, not every card is easy to acquire, and some can only be unlocked during special events. Gold cards, in particular, are difficult to collect as they have a very low drop date from chests. Here is a guide that will explain how to get and trade Gold cards in Pet Master.

How to trade and get Gold cards

For a long period, Gold cards were only acquirable through the chest. There was no definitive method of getting a Gold card, and it was RNG-based. However, the introduction of the golden trade event in Pet Master has made getting Gold cards easier. As the name suggests, players will be able to trade for Gold cards during the golden trade event. Players can check for a live trade event by heading over to the card section, followed by selecting the live event option. Keep in mind Gold cards cannot be traded outside the trade event, so make sure to keep a tab on the event dates.

Normal cards, Gold cards, and Royal cards are the three types of cards available in Pet Master. Common cards have a white outline and can be collected from chests. They have a high drop rate and hence can be traded at any time. On the other hand, Royal cards have a gold outline with a Royal sign on the top right of the card. Much like Gold cards, Royal cards can only be acquired through a chest apart from special events.