How to get and use the Wireless Display app on Xbox Series X

Share what’s on your phone to your TV with the Wireless Display app on Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X

Image via Microsoft

The Wireless Display app on Xbox Series X and S is a useful tool for showing a group of friends something on your phone. It projects everything that is showing on your phone onto the television screen. The best thing is that modern smartphones instantly have this function built into their phone directly, so all you need to do is a quick download on your console to get things ready. Here is how to get the Wireless Display app on your Xbox Series X.

First, open the Xbox store and search for the Wireless Display app. Make sure that you download the one called Wireless Display and not Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. It is a small download, so the installation should not take that long at all.

Now that you have the app on your Xbox Series X, open it up by going to My Games & apps, scrolling to the app section, and selecting the Wireless Display tile. The below screen will appear.

This is letting you know your console is now ready to display whatever another device sends to it.

To share your screen on Android, pull down the menu settings and then select Smart View. It will search for devices to project to. Unless you have renamed your Xbox, it should appear as “XBOX” and have a controller next to it. Press that and Start, and your phone’s screen will begin casting onto your television.

On an iPhone, you can download the Samsung Smart View app on the iOS store to do the same method as above, or you can also pull down the menu on your screen. In this case, instead of Smart View, you are looking for the Screen Mirroring button. Press that, and any available devices will appear ready to share your screen.

When you have your phone screen showing on your console, anything that happens on your phone will also be shown on your television. Specific material will be protected and will not show on the console, like copyrighted movies, but it does not seem to lock everything. If you are looking to show a movie on your console, you are better off downloading the app directly on the console and watching it there anyway.