How to get Anima in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Learn about the new Shadowlands currency and where to find it

Image via Blizzard

Anima is the newest currency available for players in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. It can be difficult to find, but we’ll point you in the right direction and show you where you need to go to start filling your reservoir.

Where to find Reservoir Anima

You can earn anima tokens through completing different activities throughout the Shadowlands expansion. The most common ways to find them are through killing rare enemies and finding chests throughout the four main zones: Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, Bastion, and Revendreth. You can complete these once per day, and you will earn anywhere from 1 to 3 Uncommon tokens (more on the tiers of tokens below).

You can also finish world quests for Anima tokens. This method is more lucrative, and each world quest you finish is worth between 2 and 4 Rare tokens.

Types of Reservoir Anima

There are three levels of Anima available as pickups throughout Shadowlands:

  • Uncommon: These token will give you 5 Anima in your reservoir. A special kind of Uncommon token, Resonance of Conflict, is your reward for finishing an Anima world quest with War Mode activated.
  • Rare: This level gives 35 Anima per token.
  • Epic: These tokens give you a whopping 250 Anima per token. As you might expect, these are exceptionally hard to find.

Where to use Anima

The Anima you gather can be used in several different locations throughout Shadowlands. You can use it to upgrade your Covenant Sanctum, access exclusive travel spots in your Covenant’s Transport Network, or load up the Anima Conductor to earn daily rewards. Each Covenant also has special minigames you can play by spending Anima, and there’s always the Adventures Table to redeem whatever you have earned.