How to Get The Bogling Companion in Jedi: Fallen Order


The first adorable creature players are going to encounter in Jedi: Fallen Order is an animal called a bogling, found on Bogano. They look like a mixture of a giant squirrel and a gopher, with a few other furry animals thrown in for good measure. Players have a chance to befriend one and turn into a companion.

To find it, first go to Zeffo, complete the Tomb of Eliram, and get off the planet. After that, return to Bogano, the first planet you visited after leaving Bracca at the beginning of the game.

Where to Find the Bogling Companion

Luckily, it’s easy to find the Bogling companion. It’s at the location right in front of the ship. Depart the ship, and take a few steps outside. To the right, you should see a lowered area with a ramp leading down to a small enclave beneath the Mantis. A bogling will lead the way, and eventually make its way through a small hole in the wall. It’s far too small for Cal to venture into, but he can use force push to break it away.

Destroy the wall and approach it. There’s a short sequence of Cal kneeling, reaching out with his hand toward the creature, and saying, “We’ll find you a home.” After that, the bogling bounces back the way you came, and there’s a notification that says “Bogling Companion Acquired” on your screen.