How to Get the Bombardiers in Destiny 2


There’s an exotic in Destiny 2 called Bombardiers. It’s a Hunter legging set, and it leaves quite a blast. Whenever the Hunter performs a roll, they drop a grenade in their place and blast any enemy near the weapon. It’s a great way to duck out of a situation while also clearing a location, albeit with a lighter blast.

Unfortunately, there’s no sure-fire away to narrow down how to add this weapon to your arsenal. You have to locate it through a drop by a standard exotic engram. These can drop anywhere in the game, so you’ll want to continual do activities such as raids, Gambit, Crucible, Sundial quests, or the more advanced Nightfall missions with a solid Fireteam at your back.

You also have the chance for Xur to have it during the times he’s active on Friday or get it from the exotic engram he offers you.

Other than those methods, there’s not much you can do. Keep playing Destiny 2, and hope your luck holds out.