How to get Cloth in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

A bit of a chore.

Iamge via Nintendo

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town will throw a couple of red-herrings your way in the early game. In this guide, we will show you how to make cloth, and talk about one of those distractions that happens at the start of the game.

To make Cloth, you will need to get two different makers. The first is the Thread Maker that will turn weeds into thread. After that, you need a Textile Maker that you can use to turn the thread into cloth.

To get the Thread Maker, you will need to hit the third rank of Reaping by clearing weeds around the farm. This rank, called Fledgling Reaper, will give you access to the recipe for the Textile Maker. You can then build one using 10 ropes and 10 logs.

After your hit the fourth rank of Reaping, called Adept Reaper, you will get access to the Textile Maker recipe, and can build it using three spools of thread and 5 Iron Ingots.

The reason this may be a common concern for players early in the game is due to one of the tasks you will be set by the Mayor. As you play through the game, the Mayor will ask you to help out with certain projects to help improve the town. When you visit the Bulletin Board you will see three different tasks. You only need to complete one of these to progress the project, so if you see Cloth on here in the early game, you can simply ignore it and do one of the other tasks, which will be much easier to achieve.

Cloth can appear as a drop from Timeworn Objects that can be found in mines, but this is not a reliable way to get this item.