How to get drink in Dwarf Fortress

Bring on the next round.

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Drink is one of the critical components you will need to acquire in Dwarf Fortress. Without it, your dwarves will struggle to survive as they endlessly carve out the earth beneath them, trying to find the many riches awaiting them. There are a few ways to add drinks to your group, and you want to stay on top of this because your dwarves will require it constantly. Here’s what you need to know about how to get drink in Dwarf Fortress.

How to increase drink in Dwarf Fortress

Gathering fruits and vegetables in Dwarf Fortress will be one of your primary concerns when gathering drinks. You want to make sure to assign one of your dwarves to regularly acquire these resources when they’re not busy with one of the other tasks they need to do in your settlement. To ensure you don’t use up every resource on the map, create a farming area to ensure you can access these resources. You can do this above ground or underground. Alternatively, a beehive is also a practical resource for gathering honey, which you can turn into mead.

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Now that you have the fruits figured out, the next step is to create a workshop dedicated to brewing called a Still. You can find this under the Farming category under the Workshop section of your building page. We highly recommend making the Still one of your first workshops, alongside a standard Carpenter workshop, which you will also need to make barrels. Your dwarves will need a location to store their alcohol; the best way to do this is with barrels. You want to make sure you’ve been chopping wood, and have several barrels at the ready for projects like this.

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Now, the final thing to do is to select to brew your drink from the resources you have at the ready, and your dwarves will get to work. Making sure to stay on top of this will keep your dwarves happy and ensures they’re ready to endure the many hardships awaiting them as they dig deeper down into their mines.