How to get Duckie and Diane’s order right in Life is Strange: True Colors

No one said there would be memorizing things in this game!

Screenshot by Gamepur

In the first chapter of Life is Strange: True Colors, you will be getting acclimated to your new home, but also get a job as a server in Jed’s bar. Not a bad first day in a new town, but you are put on the spot right away, taking food orders and doing other server duties. While talking to Duckie and Diane, they order food, but you cannot get their order repeated. Here is their order if you weren’t paying close enough attention the first time.

After you talk to Duckie and Diane, walk over to Jed to give him their order. He will ask what they want. Duckie wants a cheeseburger with mushrooms. Don’t worry about the “usual” drink; Jed will already know about that, although he can not find it. As for Diane, she wants the pie special with fries.

If you end up getting the order wrong, nothing terrible happens, but Jed will not be as impressed with you. If you are looking to make a stronger relationship with Jed right from the get-go, you will want to make sure you choose the right options here. He is one of the more supportive and caring characters in the game, so you may want to get on his good side.