How to get Elder Dragon Bone in Monster Hunter Rise

The reward for a huge hunt.

The elder dragons are some of the most fearsome monsters you’ll hunt in the Monster Hunter series. If there’s ever a problem going on at the core of a Monster Hunter game, it can typically be traced back to one of the many elder dragons causing the problem. In Monster Hunter Rise, once you complete the game, there are two elder dragons that you can fight against, Wind Serpent Ibushi and Thunder Serpent Narwa.

You will only encounter these two monsters once you reach the end of Monster Hunter Rise’s campaign. However, of the two, the Wind Serpent Ibushi does not drop the Elder Dragon Bone resource. Only the Thunder Serpent Narwa does. You can start hunting the Thunder Serpent Narwa after you complete the required rank seven quests.

The final encounter of the base Monster Hunter Rise game is the Thunder Serpent Narwa. You’ll receive the Elder Dragon Bone as a reward for the quest. The resource is only given to you as a quest reward and is not included as a drop on the Thunder Serpent Narwa. You won’t see it in your Hunter’s Note on the menu screen. It’s important to note this because you only see it at the end of the completed quest screen.

If you want to farm the Elder Dragon Bone, all you have to do is repeat the Serpent Goddess of Thunder rank seven Hub Quest.