How to get Encrypted Warmind Bits in Destiny 2

These are extremely useful for looting caches to receive loot.

A useful collectible you want to locate during the Season of the Worthy in Destiny 2 is encrypted warmind bits. These are different than traditional warmind bits. Rather than using them to upgrade the Seraph Warsat Network, you use them to open up special Rasputin loot caches you can find following the successful completion of the Seraph Tower public event and Legendary Lost sectors.

You can receive this material through the daily bounties you receive from the Rasputin bunker. Some, not all, of the bounties may provide you a reward of encrypted warmind bits and regular warmind bits. You would need to read the bounty’s description to ensure it’s on the list of rewards. These are the traditional the four bounties and not the random ones you can continually do for more warmind bits.

You want to stock up on these items because of how often you will go through the Legendary lost sectors and complete the Seraph Tower public events. You can expect more of these daily bounties to appear as the Season of the Worthy continues with more bunkers opening across the solar system, much like the Obelisks for Osiris.

The rewards for the season will increase, and the encrypted warmind bits are going to become more valuable. You can expect to see more of them, and you want to horde as many of them as you can to open the Rasputin caches.