How to get everyone to dance at the party in Snaxburg – Bugsnax

Hunger on the dancefloor.


Towards the end of Bugsnax, Filbo wants to have a party to celebrate that everyone is back in Snaxburg. He asks you to get everyone to dance, but you will need to do certain things in a specific order to make this happen.

The first thing you can do is walk around the party and speak with everyone. They will give you some clues about what they want to do before they start dancing. If you go thorugh the actions below, in that order, it will result in everyone going to the dancefloor.

  • Beffica – change the song on the stereo once then go back to her and she will go dancing.
  • Triffany and Floofty – tell Triffany to go talk to Floofty and both of them will head for the dance area afterward.
  • Shelda – grab a drink from Cromdo’s table and throw it at the decorative orb over her head and she will go dancing.
  • Snorpy and Chandlo – go back to Snorpy and he will then go speak with Chandlo. Go and listen to them speak to each other and they will both go dancing.
  • Wampus – give him a drink from Cromdo’s table so he has the courage to apologize to Gramble.
  • Wiggles – bring her a drink to quench her thirst and she will join in the dancing.
  • Cromdo – go speak to him at the end and he will join in the fun.

Once everyone is dancing, you can speak with Filbo to progress the quest.