How to get Fire Breathing in Roblox Demonfall

Master the Fire Breathing technique.

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Learning different Breathing styles is a vital part of doing good in Roblox Demonfall. There are multiple Breathing styles to master, and each style brings something unique to the table. One of these Breathing techniques is Flame Breathing, and here is how you can get it in Roblox Demonfall.

How to get Flame Breathing

Players interested in the Flame Breathing technique need to give one Demon Collar and 20 Demon Horns to Rengoku. While Demon Horns can be farmed by simply killing Demons that you come across, Demon Collar, on the other hand, can only be acquired by killing Axe Demon.

Axe Demon location

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Players can find Axe Demon in White Underground cave which is near the White Peak Mountain. Fighting Axe Demon can be a daunting task, and if you are not prepared, you can quickly lose the battle. That said, the general strategy while battling Axe Demon should be to dodge and parry most of the attacks. Closely introspect his attacking pattern and retaliate whenever you see an opening. Once you have defeated the Axe Demon, the monster will drop Demon Collar, which you need to deliver to Rengoku.

Rengoku location

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After collecting Demon Colar and 20 Demon Horns, head towards the campsite located at the summit of White Peak Mountain. Players can start their journey to the tip of the mountain from Hayakawa VillageThe overall journey can be a hassle due to the extreme weather conditions present there. The entire mountain is covered in sheets of snow which disrupts your vision. Furthermore, the surface is very slippery to walk on, and you’ll probably fall multiple times. However, once you reach the peak, it should be easy to spot Rengoku. Hand him the required materials, and in return, he will teach you the Flame Breathing style.