All breathing styles in Roblox Demonfall

Find the perfect Breathing Style for you.


Image via Fireheart Studio

Roblox Demonfall is a complex game in which players must save humanity by abandoning who they are. They’ll have to master all sorts of special arts if they want to rise to the top and slay every demon. One of the skills you need to learn is Breathing. There are several styles to master, and each of them does something different. We’ve listed every Breathing Style in Demonfall below and what they do to help you understand which one is right for you.

Mist Breathing Forms

  • Obscuring Clouds: Obscure the area and disorient enemies by creating a cloud of mist
  • Judgment Cut: Deal damage to your enemy and dash backwards
  • Sea of Clouds and Haze: Teleport directly behind your enemy
  • Shifting Flow Slash: Dash forward and repeatedly slash your sword, dealing damage as you move
  • Scattering Mist Splash: Become immune for a number of seconds by transforming into mist
  • Eight-Layered Mist: Explode with eight quick slashes

Flame Breathing Forms

  • Rengoku: Summon a fiery dragon that launches itself at enemies. You can charge the attack to deal more damage
  • Flame Tiger: A spin slash with a dash of fire
  • Blooming Flame Undulation: Spin and launch a fiery arc towards your enemies that will also deflect incoming attacks
  • Flame Bend: Launch all of your flames in a slash move
  • Rising Scorching Sun: Dash forward and swing a flaming sword at your foes
  • Unknowing Fire: Rush forward whilst swinging a fiery sword wildly at enemies

Thunder Breathing Forms

  • Heat Lightning: One brutal slashing attack
  • Thunder Swarm: Generates a wave of thunder that hits the enemy and strikes all around them, dealing additional damage
  • Rice Spirit: Splits five attacks all around your character
  • Six Fold: Move forward and slash enemies in various directions
  • Thunderclap and Flash: Charge up and dash forward, dealing damage with multiple attacks

Water Breathing Forms

  • Whirlpool: Generate a whirlpool around enemies and deal massive damage
  • Striking Tide: Rush forwards and use a wave slash to damage foes
  • Flowing Dance: Slash at enemies to create images that disorient them
  • Water Wheel: Dash at enemies and slash your sword to deal damage
  • Surface Slash: slash at enemies with a watery attack

Wind Breathing Forms

  • Wind Typhon: Launch into the air and deliver a gust of wind that engulfs enemies and deals huge amounts of damage to them
  • Gale Slash: Jump backwards whilst emitting a gust of wind forwards to damage enemies and push them back
  • Lotus Tempest: Use a cyclone to dash forward with speed unlike any other creature
  • Purifying Wind: Jump backwards and generate a green tornado that knocks enemies around the area
  • Dust Claw: Bring your sword up and down to create a four-pringed attack that will damage all enemies in range

Upcoming Breathing Forms

The following Breathing Forms are still in development and will be added to the game in future updates.

  • Sun Breathing
  • Snake Breathing
  • Sound Breathing
  • Insect Breathing
  • Moon Breathing
  • Beast Breathing