How to get Ganki in Temtem

Ganki is a Temtem you can catch early on in the game, but where do you need to go to locate the creature to add him to your squad?

Image via Crema

Temtem features an array of creatures you can capture while you wander around the floating islands. You need to capture as many as possible to add them to your squad and create a different series of teams to battle other Temtem Tamers. A notable Temtem you want to add to your collection is Ganki.

Image via Crema

Ganki is a Wind and Electric-type Temtem, taking twice as much damage from Crystal, 1/4th of the damage from Wind-type, and twice damage from Nature if they have the Botanophobia trait. The adorable creature has yellow and brown features (blue and white as a Luma Temtem), looking almost like a bug with bull horns. To capture this adorable Temtem, you need to visit these locations:

  • Thalassian Cliffs
  • The Gifted Bridges
  • Windward Fort

The Thalassian Cliffs are the first location you encounter among the group, so if you’re genuinely after this Temtem, make sure to check there. You need to avoid using a Crystal or Nature-type Temtem against it to ensure you don’t damage it too much. To capture it, have a handful of TemCards on your Tamer. Damage Ganki enough to get it low enough to obtain, and then throw your TemCard at it in place of one of your Temtem attacking it.

After you capture it, use Ganki to your heart’s desire and continue leveling it up to turn into a valuable member of your Temtem squad. Additionally, if you level Ganki up 27 times, you can evolve it into Gazuma. It also a Wind and Electric-type Temtem, taking twice as much damage from Crystal-type attacks, 1/4th from Wind-type, but it does not take twice as much from Nature-types as its traits change upon evolution.