How To Get Garuda In Warframe


Garuda, the wicked, draws strength from the blood and pain of her enemies. She can decimate all around her with her wicked blades while drawing on the lifeforce of her foes to sustains her allies.

You can get the main blueprint for Garuda by completing the Vox Solaris quest. You begin the quest when you first arrive in Fortuna and talk to Eudico. Upon completion of the quest, you will receive the main blueprint. To get the component blueprints, you will need to complete Bounties for Eudico at Fortuna. The different blueprints will drop as rewards for different bounties.

Visit Eudico at Fortuna and check which bounties she has available, and what rewards they offer. The blueprints will be listed as rewards from one of the stages of the bounty. All you can do is grind the different bounties until you get the drops that you need.

Once you have all the blueprints, you can build Garuda in your Foundry using the following resources:


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Calda Toroids
  • 3 Radiant Zodian
  • 40 Travocyt Alloy
  • 2200 Alloy Plate


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Vega Toroid
  • 6 Star Amethyst
  • 40 Axidrol Alloy
  • 5000 Nano Spores


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Sola Toroid
  • 3 Marquise Thyst
  • 40 Vernedo Alloy
  • 2400 Polymer Bundle

Toroids, which are needed for each component, can be farmed on Orb Vallis. Radiant Zodian, Travocyt Alloy, Star Amethyst, Axidrol Alloy, Marquise Thyst, and Vernedo Alloy all require you to purchase a blueprint from Smokefinger in Fortuna for Standing. You will have earned plenty of Standing while grinding for the blueprints. You then mine the ores that you need on Orb Vallis, and make the resource in your Foundry.

Each component has a 12-hour build time, and they can all be built at the same time. Once they are constructed, you can use them in conjunction with the main Garuda blueprint to create the Warframe. Garuda has a three-day build time. You can bypass all build times by using Warframe’s premium currency, Platinum.

When construction is finished, you will be able to equip Garuda and begin to level her up and experiment with builds that you might like to use. Just make sure you have a spare Warframe slot available when you start the build.