How to get Gengar Mega Banette costume in Pokémon Go Halloween 2020

A limited-time costume.

Image via Niantic

Gengar has a new costume in the Halloween 2020 event for Pokémon Go. It’s wearing Mega Banette, hinting that players could potentially see the Mega Pokémon making its way over to the game sometime in the future. To catch a Gengar wearing this adorable outfit and add it to your collection, there’s only one way to find it. The costume will only be available from October 23 to November 3.

You need to participate in three-star raids in the game. These raids will be available from the Gyms in the game, so if you don’t see any Pokémon eggs at the top of a Gym, you’ll have to wait for one appears. When it does, a timer appears to show when it pops, and there’s a chance it’ll turn into a Gengar wearing a Mega Banette costume. It won’t be an easy encounter. You’ll need to bring plenty of friends with you to take it down.

Gengar is a Ghost and Poison-type Pokémon. It’s weak to Dark, Ghost, Ground, and Psychic-type attacks. You want to avoid using a Pokémon that has Fighting, Bug, Normal, Poison, Fairy, or Grass-type attacks, as Gengar can protect against them.

When you do capture it, because Gengar is fully evolved, you can power it up and use it as a viable Pokémon in the Great or Ultra league. Traditionally you cannot evolve costume Pokémon, but you can still Mega Evolve them, so feel free to do that. Here are some of the best movesets you can use as Gengar when you’re ready to use yours in combat.