How to get gold in Spellbreak

Every way to get your hands on the most valuable currency in the Hollow Lands.

Spellbreak gold

Most games nowadays tend to have a premium currency, and Spellbreak is no different. The game itself is free-to-play, but if you want to have the most decked-out mage in the Hollow Lands, you’re going to need some gold.

If you aren’t the type to spend on a game but you still want to dip your toes into the currency, don’t worry, there are also in-game ways to gain gold in small amounts alongside the heftier premium buy-ins.

Free options

Gaining 50 gold
Screengrab via Proletariat

The main in-game way to acquire gold is leveling your mage rank. Each level gives you 50 gold, and if you hold onto it, you can rack up a total 2,450 gold by the time you reach max level. You can also acquire gold from select higher levels of the class ranks, totaling 300 from each of the six classes for a total of 1,800 gold.

That means overall you can acquire 4,250 gold without ever paying any real money if you max out your mage and every class in the game.

Premium options

premium gold
Screengrab via Proletariat

The easiest way to acquire gold is to buy it. The cheapest option is a Starter Pack that also comes with the rare tier Bewitching Glimmer outfit, making it the most sought-after option. The rest are just gold heaps ranging from 1,000 to 13,500.

There are also 3 external DLC options that come with 1-3 outfits, varying by console, and a select amount of gold. The gold in each DLC pack are as follows:

  • Mage Pack: 3,500 gold
  • Battlemage 6,000 gold
  • Master Pack: 15,000 gold

Right now, these are the only 4 ways to get gold in the game. There is no gold for winning matching or completing quests. That said, the Chapter feature has not yet been added to the game, and there may be more non-premium opportunities for gold within that when it releases.