What is the max mage rank in Spellbreak?

Rank up and become the best battlemage.

Spellbreak mages

In Spellbreak, gaining experience is a split cause. After every battle, you gain experience for whatever class of mage you are playing, but you also gain experience for your player character in general.

The XP you gain for your account overall goes towards your what is called your “mage rank,” not to be confused with your class ranks, which are sets of separate progressions.

Gaining 50 gold
Image via Proletariat

While other battle royale games may have a leveling system that goes as high as 100 or even 500, the max mage rank in Spellbreak is only 50. Every time you rank up, you gain 50 gold, but other than that, a new badge every 5 levels, and clout, nothing much is going to change like how leveling the class rank expands play.

Due to the game being cross-progression, any levels you gain to your mage rank on one platform will also be there on your other platforms. For example, if you reach level 10 on Xbox One, you will still be level 10 if you play on PC as well.

Leveling up will take more XP as time goes on and it will most likely take quite a long time to hit the level cap. That said, the chance that we will see an increase as the game progresses is very high, as we have often seen this from other titles in the battle royale genre.