How to get Granum Crowns in Warframe

Money, money, money.


Granum Crowns were introduced to Warframe in the Deadlock Protocol update. These resources will allow you to visit another dimension, and fight an army of evil Spectres. To get Granum Crowns, you will need to play missions on the new Corpus Ship tileset that was introduced with the update.

  • Granum Crown – get you access to Granum Void (can drop Protea Nueroptics on Rotation C)
  • Exemplar Granum Crown – gets you access to Extended Granum Void (can drop Protea Chassis on Rotation C)
  • Zenith Granum Crown – gets you access to Nightmare Granum Void (can drop Protea Systems on Rotation C)

The different types of Crowns will drop at different mission difficulty levels. So up to about Level 14 for the first, level 25 or so for the second, and level 30 plus for the later, although we need to confirm these brackets.

Below you can find a list of example missions for each type of Granum Crown:

  • Fossa (Venus) – Granum Crown
  • Trition (Neptune) – Exemplar Crown
  • Oceanum (Pluto) – Zenith Crown

The Granum Void will house a test of your Warframe’s strength, which each type of Crown sending you to tougher and tougher challenges. While you are playing missions on the Corpus Ship tileset, an enemy called the Treasurer can spawn in. They will be marked by a waypoint, and if you get to them in time and kill them, you will be able to pick up the Granum Crown that they drop.

Golden Hand

The Golden Hand Tribute looks exactly like you think it would, a giant golden hand. This will appear in a random place on the tileset, although in some missions it does not seem to be present. You can only enter the void once per mission, so make sure you give it your best try when you are in there. Only 1 Granum Crown is required to open access to the Granum Void for the entire squad, so your squadmates without a Crown can come with you.

The reward table corresponds with each Rank earned within the Granum Void before your time is up, and Rank 3 is considered Rotation C for the purpose of the rewards tables.

  • Rank 1: 25 Kills
  • Rank 2: 50 Kills
  • Rank 3: 75 Kills

How to play the Granum Void Mission

  • Reach the highest Rank before the timer expires.
  • Gain 10 seconds within the Granum Void by killing Errant Specters and collecting their dropped Particles.
  • Gain 20 seconds within the Granum Void by freeing Solaris captives. Note: this can only be done with a Xoris, so plan accordingly.

Rewards :

  • Protea Parts
  • Weapon Parts:
    • Stropha
    • Stahlta
    • Velox
  • Garnum Crown Decorations
  • Mortuus Shoulder Guard
  • New Captura Scenes that feature the newly Remastered Corpus Ship:
    • Corpus Ship Bridge Scene
    • Corpus Ship Hangar Scene
    • Corpus Ship Orbital Cannon Scene
  • Credit Caches
  • Void Traces
  • Endo